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Exhibition: Beth Trepper — Ethereal Ireland

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13 Sep

Exhibition: Beth Trepper — Ethereal Ireland

13th September 2017 - 24th September 2017

Beth Trepper

Ethereal Ireland

For a country known for its lush green landscape, it may seem strange to portray Ireland in anything but full colour. But once I began shooting these images, I was drawn to the timeless drama and haunting quality of black and white film and the soft, muted hues of an infrared camera.

Ireland is such a mystical country, steeped in history and folklore. The dreamlike properties of the infrared camera – which converts green foliage to snowy white and people to ghostlike figures – seem to evoke the mood of this ancient land. Sometimes, the infrared camera produces magical effects – blue, orange, copper.

I don’t really know why, but there is little need for post-production work, which suits me fine. I’d much rather be outside playing all day than sitting inside staring at a computer!

Other images were shot with a traditional black and white film camera. Again, the sensuality and directness of the monotone suspends time and invites the viewer’s imagination to run as wild as the rugged Irish landscape.

For the third part in my portrayal of Ireland, I have combined my photographs with quotes from my favorite writers. With their poignant, often humorous words and my images, I rejoice and celebrate my Irish heritage.

Venue  Steam Café, Station House Courtyard


Date: 13th September 2017 - 24th September 2017
Venue: Steam Café
Address: Clifden Station House